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Locorotondo Wine Tasting

Locorotondo is one of the prettiest and most characteristic towns in “Valle d’Itria”, but that’s not all; some of the best Apulian white wines are produced here.

After a stroll in the dazzling white streets of the old town, we will visit a local winery, its vineyards and enjoy its wines paired with local specialities.

The owner of the winery will accompany us at her wineshop in the center of Locorotondo

Locorotondo, Italy. Medieval whitewashed street and houses in small city of Puglia, Apulia, Bari region.
Delicious italian Burrata mozzarella cheese made with fresh milk

Burrata Immersion

Walking around the beauties of Puglia will make you hungry and there’s nothing better than a burrata masterclass, literally farm to table, to satisfy your cultural and sensorial appetites!

You will also have the opportunity to meet and pet the happy cows. At the end of the Tour you will be welcomed for a tasting in an authentic and warm Italian farmhouse.

Alberobello Tour

Trulli are unique cone-shaped dry-stone buildings you can find just in a small area of Puglia.

Will unveil all their secrets and show you hidden corners of Alberobello, the birthplace of the trulli houses including the visit to an original trullo.

Houses of the tourist and famous Italian city of Alberobello, with its typical white walls and trulli conical roofs.
Martina Franca, Puglia, Italy: Piazza del Plebiscito with Saint Martin Basilica and Palazzo della Corte, Apulia

Fashion tour in Martina Franca

Martina Franca (and its inhabitants too!) is one of the most elegant and aristocratic towns in Puglia with many magnificent baroque and rococò palaces and churches witnessing its past and present richness.

Nicknamed the capital of Valle d’Itria area, Martina encloses jealously one of the most extraordinary fashion districts in Southern Italy with dozens of creative handicraft shops active in many fields, among them: textile, leather, jewels, goldsmiths, crochets, antiques and more.

Discover Grottaglie, the ceramic fine art capital

Grottaglie, which name clearly derives from “grottoes”, was in the Middle Ages a cave-dwellings settlement. But its origins are much more ancient than that, dating back to the Greek colonization of Southern Italy, when skilled artisans started a rich and everlasting tradition of ceramic art using the abundant local clay.

A whole districts of hundreds of crafts workshops is waiting for you. You will see objects of any kind taking shape in front of you and you can learn the secrets from the local artisans. If we have time, we can also explore the secret garden of one of them which will mesmerize you.

The seasonal harvest of olives in Puglia, south of italy

Masseria tour with Olive oil tasting

Today we will experience one of the most fascinating and characterizing elements of the Apulian landscape, the visit to an ancient Roman monumental olive grove and an authentic masseria still working as a farm like in the old days.

At the end of the tour, we will have an EVO oil tasting that will be fun and educational!

Live Puglia with a Pizzica Class

Tonight you’ll be overwhelmed and pervaded by a music that is an invite to dance and follow your emotions. You will be introduced to the ancient tradition of Pizzica, the typical Apulian dance!

The dance class will be followed by a dinner in a traditional Masseria to enjoy the local music, eating and drinking local.

The wonderful village of Polignano a Mare in southern Italy

Polignano “per mare per terram” (by sea and by land)

Polignano, one of the most stunning coastal towns in Puglia, is better viewed and appreciated starting with a relaxing and adventurous boat tour, joining the “dolce vita” lifestyle of the locals and admiring the magnificent high cliffs dotted by intriguing seacaves that we’ll have the chance to visit while drinking a glass of prosecco or diving in the emerald green waters.

Then we walk in the alleys of this charming town, maybe tasting an artisanal gelato or a famous “special coffee” while learning about the history and the secrets of Polignano.

Tour of the White town

Known as “la Città Bianca”, “the White Town”, Ostuni is for sure the most iconic whitewashed hilltop town in the region and one of the most thrilling, a must place to visit.

We will give you a full immersion experience of this marvellous town focusing on your interest, whatever it is: art, history, architecture, food, drinks, local life and traditions and…. more!

Close up details of romantic evening of pretty couple drinking red wine end enjoying time together, modern interior and trendy elegant clothes.

Wine Tasting in a Micro Winery

Ready for a wine tasting in a micro winery where they produce only 20k bottles a year? First you will visit the small vineyard and learn about the process of wine making and the special aging method with Mozart music (the owner is an opera director).

The tour will end with a glass of 10 years old red wines in a charming wine bar, perfect fusion between old and new architecture.

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